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The minimal effort that is require to prevent tooth decay and gum disease is time well spent because ignoring the essential components of oral hygiene and care can cause you to need fillings, root canal, a tooth extraction, and advanced gum therapy, all of which will use up way more of your schedule. In addition, the discomfort and pain that often results from teeth and gum issues can be avoided entirely. Here at Dental Group of Millburn, we recommend a wise strategy both at home and right here.

It is with good nutrition that all preventive care starts, and that includes your mouth. Sugar and starch are the catalysts for the formation of dental plaque. And it’s this bacterial film that is the cause of both tooth decay and gum disease. Less plaque growth makes it less likely that you will suffer consequences. And by brushing your teeth frequently, you will give plaque less time to do its dirty work. Our Millburn dental office recommends that you brush upon waking, before going to sleep, and after meals. Floss thoroughly at bedtime to dislodge any food particles and sticky plaque between your teeth. Supplement the above with two trips per year to our Millburn dental office. Tartar buildup, the result of plaque remaining after your oral hygiene at home, must be eliminated on a regular basis. This is done with a professional teeth cleaning, which also reverses the effects of early stage gum disease, gingivitis. And an examination along with x-rays is the way to get any current cavities filled before they grow larger and create increased risk for problems. Your children should follow all of the above. In addition, it’s a good idea to have them benefit from the preventive effects of dental sealants and fluoride treatments.

Our Millburn dental office is your partner in preventive care. Contact us now to book an appointment for an examination.

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